Tet, as we fondly refer to it, is a four discipline competition; Running, Swimming, Shooting and Showjumping.
This is held in the Autumn/Winter Semester.
There are four on a team, two boys and two girls.
• Running phase: The boys run over a 3km course while girls 1.5km course and each competitor’s time is measured. 
• Swimming phase: The boys swim for 4 minutes and girls swim for 3 minutes. 
• Shooting Phase: The boys and girls shoot using an air pistol of .177 calibre at 10m. air pistol targets from the standing position.
Scores from all four phases are added together to arrive at an individual score for each member. The best three individual scores are calculated to arrive at a team score.


Intervarsities is held in the Spring Semester.
A competitor can either do Showjumping, Dressage or Prix Caprilli.
It is a knockout competition.
Showjumping starts at 80cm in the first round, and goes up to 1.20m in the final round.
Dressage starts with an elementary test and gets more advanced in each round.
Prix Caprilli is a one round competition for our novice and new riders.
​Tests can be obtained by emailing your college.




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