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Saying goodbye to the IURCA Committee

With our AGM this Saturday in Annaharvey we have a quick chat with our committee members on what it has been like to be part of IURCA.

First up is me, Olivia, the PRO.

This time last year I was googling “What does a PRO do?” after being elected onto the IURCA committee. I was like “Shite what have I done?” However, as I am a stubborn perfectionist that likes to put her heart and soul into everything I do, I knew I was going to be fine.

I think I have done a pretty good job at being PRO. I have dramatically increased our social media audience on Facebook and Instagram and I have built a pretty decent website as well. To sum up my highlights of the year;

  • The pride of getting 200+ likes on some Instagram posts

  • The joy of collecting 1k followers on Instagram and nearly 2k likes on Facebook

  • The website feels like my child

  • Telling everyone that I am PRO of IURCA

  • Working with some pretty awesome people

  • Bringing the IURCA social media aspects to new heights

If you are like me and don’t want to let go of Ponyland and want to make a difference for Irish Student Riding, get involved in IURCA but give it your all.

Over and out, Olivia your awesome PRO




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