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Saying goodbye to the IURCA Committee

This is Tim’s third year on IURCA. We have a quick look back at his time as Chair on the committee.

As Chair this year I was there to give support to my fellow committee members when they needed it, I didn’t have to do too much of this as the committee was unbelievable and have turned IURCA around for the better. I was also there to support the clubs that make this organisation possible.

My first thought when I was elected as Chair was “I’m defo getting too old for this craic”. However what I loved about the role and in general my time on IURCA is the friends you make and the craic that is had.

My advice to any student riders that want to get involved is to start early and get involved in organising an SRNC such as the upcoming one in 2019!

Thanks Tim! Don't forget our AGM this Saturday at 5pm in Annaharvey Farm!




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