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HRH Ian Cassells, The Prince of Irish Student Riding.

Ian is the guy to go to if you want tips and tricks on how to have a showstopping, unforgettable SRNC experience. If AIEC ever needed a tour guide, he'd be the one.

How excited are you for world finals?

With this years WF being the largest group of student riders attending, I cannot wait to spend New Years with my AIEC family.

You’re a bit of a pro when it comes to Student Riding, have you any tips for the future stars of Ponyland?

Always go to SRNC with an open mind and make lots of new friends. Riding as many horses at different levels is always the best way to prepare.

Do you’ve any fond memories from SRNC?

Every SRNC I've been to has given me memories that will last me a life time, but I would have to say my first WF in Marburg was my favourite show so far because of the facilities, organisation and winning the dressage was the cherry on top.

Ian also shared some of his all time favourite snaps from SRNC over the years!




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