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Dungarvan's finest Tommy Harty.

To wrap up our terrific trio off to World Finals at the end of the month we have,Tommy Harty. By day Tommy is studying Medicine in the glorious grounds of UCC. By night Tommy is being the ultimate Tet Mom to his beloved UCC Equestrian Children.

Tommy you’re studying med, travelling the world, staying social and competing! How do you balance it all?

To be fair Olivia, it's not easy and is challenging at times. It's all about time management and being prepared for things like college but you've got to take time at to do the things you enjoy in life. I'm lucky that my parents are very supportive and help me along the way!

What are your proudest achievements in the equestrian world?

I have lots of great memories down through the years with horses. Representing my country is a huge honour and competing at the RDS are some of my highlights!

Have you any stand out memories from past SRNC?

Winning in Sweden during the summer was one of the stand out memories for me. The friends I have made and the craic that is had at these events over the years will be something I will bring with me forever.

Who’s your most influential student rider, past or present. And why?

The most influential student rider would have to be Kelley Hutchinson. Kelley has had great results down through the years and whenever I'm on a team with her, talent normally pulls through.. Kelley also manages to find the perfect balance between work and play and that trait really shines at SRNC.




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