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Becky with the Good Mare.

Becky Coonan a 2nd year University College Dublin student. She’s studying Agribusiness Management and on the side is a member of the super squad that is Irish Student Riders.

What is your proudest equestrian achievement?

My proudest achievement is eventing up to 2* level nationally and also being named as a reserve on the Junior European Eventing Team.

How many years have you been on the #supersquad?

This is my second year on the most amazing squad ever!

What are you most looking forward to as being part of the squad?

I am most looking forward to travelling to more new countries and meeting new people from all parts of the world as well as getting to ride a huge variety of horses!

Who is your equestrian hero?

Ben Hobday! I think he’s really inspirational and does a fantastic job with all of his horses!

Are you currently competing, fill us in!

I am currently competing at the lower levels again with my 4 year old.

What is your first memory relating to a horse?

My first memory is riding my 12hh pony Henry around the back field and being taken off with on a daily basis!!

Where can we find you on social media? I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I also use Snapchat too!

Thank you Becky for chatting to us! Hopefully Trinity will have some nice coloured ponies for you to warm up at Varsities, maybe even compete on!




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