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The Amazing Anastasia!

Some refer to her as the Grecian Goddess but hailing from Queen’s University Belfast she is definitely a Queen of IURCA. Not only is she IURCA’s National Representative but Anastasia has also earned herself a spot on the #supersquad for the third year in a row.

We caught up with Anastasia ahead on SRNC Netherlands. See what she had to say.

What are you studying and where?

Pharmacy at QUB, currently finishing my pre-registration year

What is your proudest equestrian achievement?

Gold at the Childrens FEI World Dressage Challenge in Athens, 2011 on my own horse Excalibur will forever be a highlight.

How many years have you been on the #supersquad?

This is my third year on the squad and cannot wait for SRNC season to begin (some very exciting SRNCs on the calendar, i.e. #srncireland)

What are you most looking forward to as being part of the squad?

More trips away, meeting new people, especially as there are so many new faces on the squad, riding a load of exciting new horses and SRNC social events.

Who is your equestrian hero?

Big fan of Carl Hester for his great dressage tips and results internationally, and for always putting his horses first.

Are you currently competing, fill us in?

I haven’t been out competing in a while actually having to say goodbye to a great little horse, but taking an exciting little mare on with a passion for jumping and cross country, so trying to see what the eventing world has to offer maybe?

What is your first memory relating to a horse?

One of my very first memories was an 11h pony called Picolino who I rode every week, and without fail fell off 2 or 3 times per ride, until I mastered 5 lessons without a single fall (Picolino and I were stuck together for a fairly long time)

Where can we find you on social media?

I'm on Facebook and Instagram as anny_stasia05

Welcome to the team Anastasia we hope you have another fantastic year! Go and have a ball in the Netherlands and bring us back some rosettes! #pressureison




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