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First up is Anastasia

The first of our Irish team heading to World Finals in Switzerland is Anastasia Ripolin.

What is your favourite Ponyland/SRNC memory?

Far too many to choose from and a lot of which I don’t fully remember .. but I’d imagine it would be every time “Dance monkey” came on at SRNC Ireland seen as I can’t stop myself from going live whenever the song comes on in the real world *upside down smiley face emoji*

When did you first get the ride?

When I entered the world of ponyland

What is your favourite horse movie?

Definitely “War Horse” regardless of the fact I absolutely ball my eyes out every time I watch it

Pass the Ice Cube or Walnut Whip?

100% pass the ice cube, simple, practical and a great ice breaker.

Two truths one lie.

I like to win, I hate to lose, I’m not competitive.

Best of luck Ana and we hope you have a ball at World Finals.




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