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Dazzling Dixon

Next up for team Ireland is Charlotte Dixon. Charlotte is took home the Silver medal for Individual Show Jumping at SRNC Great Britain so we are hoping for a similar result at World Finals.

What is your favourite Ponyland/SRNC memory?

Memories are very few from SRNC’s. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I loved the New Years party at SRNC Poland, it was just such a lovely way to bring in the new year so hopefully there will be more great memories made in Switzerland.

When did you first get the ride?

It was when I was about 2, he was short, ginger and very feisty so had to be kept on a lead the whole time.

What is your favourite horse movie?

Seabiscuit. We used to try to get our ponies to gallop up the fields like Seabiscuit, those poor ponies. 15 years later and it’s still hard to not get a little bit emotional watching the movie.

Pass the Ice Cube or Walnut Whip?

If there is a game of Pass the Ice Cube you can probably guarantee that I’m involved. But if we are being honest, it should really be called pass the SRNC Flu, get those cold and flu tablets at the ready.

Two truths one lie.

  • I have only ever been on one sober night out

  • I have a boys name

  • I have drank 2 litres of vodka in one night

We wish you the best of luck at World Finals and have a ball over New Years!




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