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Mighty McSorely

The final member of our #dreamteam representing Ireland in at World Finals is Dr. Matthew.

What is your favourite Ponyland/SRNC memory?

Smoothing over post-Brexit relations with a communal shower in Holland.

When did you first get the ride?

It was many moons ago. Definitely the best 7 seconds of both our respective lives.

What is your favourite horse movie?

Racing Stripes. Lesson for life kids, “don’t look back keep your eyes on the track.”

Pass the Ice Cube or Walnut Whip?

Ice Ice Baby.

Two truths one lie.

  1. I am still confused as to what leg yielding is.

  2. I can play about four songs on the piano regardless of how hammered I am.

  3. I have John Skelly’s face tattooed on my left bum cheek.

Let's hope there's no leg yielding in the World Finals dressage test! Best of luck and enjoy the New Years celebrations in Switzerland!

#IURCA #supersquad




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